Virtual Remote Care

A cloud-based platform that enables care for patients away from hospitals
through efficient automation driven by decision support engines

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Patients are engaged through virtual care managers (real medical professionals) to triage, communicate, and navigate throughout the disease management processes. Valid and relevant education materials are delivered to the patient's mobile and records shared with the care manager are securely stored.

Doctors and/or other medical professionals can monitoring the conditions of large number of home-based patients, receiving alerts if any patient's health condition deteriates. They can also discuss recent advancement in care in doctors-only online communities .

Scheduled tasks are tailored based on individual feedbacks collected through a compliance management system. Risks and resource requirements are lowered for the healthcare providers through virtual patient management.

Our Story


ONEiHEALTH is the company behind this integrated intelligent Virtual Remote Care Navigation (VRCN) platform conceptualized in 2013 in the United States by our founder, Dr. Zhang, who had experiences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Roche and Eli Lilly.

Inspired by the cancer navigation practices at Seattle hospitals, Dr. Zhang integrated latest technologies in clinical decision support, knowledge management and computer-intergretable guidelines to develop a platform that would increase efficiency, lower training barrier and ensure service quality for virtual cancer patient management.

The pilot was deployed in collaboration with Beijing Cancer Hospital in 2016, and was selected for presentation at the "AI to Improved Patient Outcomes" session at the Inaugural ASCO Breakthrough Summit, October 2019. The platform is now deployed to manage patients in other diseases in China and to enable virtual cancer patient management in SE Asian countries.

As the world was hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, the platform was adapted quickly to remotely manage this brand new disease for the at-home population. A Chinese version for COVID-19 VRCM was piloted at the end of January 2020 and the English version was released end of March 2020.

We believe this platform is versatile enough to assist healthcare providers and authorities to manage patients with many other diseases and we invite interested parties to future collaborations.

ONEiHEALTH Virtual Cancer Care Navigation (VCCN) is a SaaS platform available in English and Chinese to enable oncologists and their staff to better manage the adverse events and reoccurances of cancer patients, allowing for timely intervention when they are away from hospitals. A new training programme for standardized practices of virtual remote cancer patient management has been developed to ensure successful implementation.

COVID-19 Virtual Remote Care Management (VRCM) is a platform that enables the healthcare providers or authorities to manage symptomatic or infected population through monitoring, reporting, alerting and active engagements to improve people's physical and psychological health. The software also provides a channel to discuss and self-educate about the implications of COVID-19.

Product Focus

ONEiHEALTH Virtual Remote Care Navigation

ONEiHEALTH Virtual Remote Care Navigation (VRCN) is a cloud-based record management, process management, and relationship management platform that aims to lower the burden for the healthcare institutions or authorities to engage with people when they are not in hospitals and clinics. Through customizable mobile portals and Apps for both patients and doctors, the system provides an efficient channel of engagement and education while reducing the exposure risks and efforts of the medical staff.

When people are staying at home, they can register through a mobile phone or sign up through local healthcare providers to communicate with their care manager about the current health status, symptoms and general conditions via a set of questionaires and required tests or measurements specially tailored to their individual needs.

They can also chat with doctors and assigned care managers (nurses), and navigate under their guidance throughout the observation,treatment and recovery processes.

Through their mobile phones or PCs or Pads, the assigned care managers (nurses) can monitor the scheduled feedbacks of a large number of home-bound patients, receiving alerts if any patient's health condition deteriates, sending secure messages while accessing the patient's uploaded records.

Proactive outreach (for example via phone) will be limited to those experiencing worsening of their health condition while the others can progress with their lives with assurance that additional supports are available through mobile devices.

Our Team

Dr.Tingting Zhang: Founder & CEO

PhD in cancer biology from Columbia University,postdoctoral in systems biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, with a DARPA special commendation in 2005. Managed decision support data analytics for autoimmune, respiratory, oncology, and infectious diseases at Roche until 2009. Led translational analytics for Lilly late-stage oncology assets as well translational strategies for immunology assets. Initiated digitalisation of the patient navigation process in 2013. Led the development of cancer therapy management platform since 2015 in collaboration with the lymphoma department of Beijing Cancer Hospital.

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